Location Neom, Arabie Saoudite
Statut Research
Site Area 2000m²
Budget Rotunno Justman Architectes - Franck Boutté Consultant

Silver Beach is made up of a number of different neighbourhoods, each composed of four types of living environments related to specific landscape features: the wadi, the desert and the sea. These living environments constitute a gradual transition between the sea, the wadis and the desert. Building in Silverbeach means taking into account the local climatic conditions. Solar irradiation is a main issue: 82% of direct sunlight compared to global sunlight, requiring solar protections for outdoor occupied spaces. Shade generation is essential to ensure thermal comfort. Regarding temperatures, 52% of hours of the year are above 26°C, and 98% above 16°C. The site offers a good potential for natural ventilation, with 5.4m/s average winds over the year and nearly 65% between 2 mis and 6 mis. Wind has to be taken into account in designing the urban fabric. Finally 37% relative humidity in average makes the weather dry and favorable to misting as a mean of cooling. Shadow, humidity and wind are the foundations of liveability in hot and dry climate of Silverbeach.

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