Ogic Store

Committent BETC + OGIC
Location 31 place Bellecour, Lyon, France
Date juin 2019
Site Area 137 m²
Budget Confidentiel

rotunnojustman architectes


Antoine Chauvin, Kelly Pelletier, Esther Burdet, Samir Yahiaoui

For the first Flagship store in Lyon, the BETC agency has imagined a new brand concept for Ogic: "a new nature in the city". We designed the project while making sure to highlight this new identity.

We worked from the logo which is at the same time the symbol of an imprint, or the propagation of waves on the water or of a tree ring. Seeking to establish the concept of nature within the interior space, we designed the furniture as a topography, contour lines taking place in all the sales spaces and the showroom. The materials chosen are also in keeping with this atmosphere. By the care of the Turini house, the ubiquitous solid oak comes to inhabit the place and also create an olfactory atmosphere.

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